Single Switch Push Button on White Steel Plate


The PB01-BWS-1 contains a single push button switch with a 12V blue-color LED ring around the switch. It comes pre-assembled onto a US-style white steel wall plate. A quick-connect socket is included in the package to enable simple wiring.

The push button is UL-approved and is capable of switching loads of up to 250VAC @5A. However, when used with the Alec-ZC001 it is only working at 12VDC and only conduct current < 5mA.

The LED ring light operates at 12VDC (extra low voltage) and draws < 20mA of current when fully lit. ZC001 is able to control the brightness of the LED ring light and use it to provide both for illumination in the dark as well as serving as a status indicator to inform the user of the operating state of the ZC001. (For example if the LED is blinking rapidly and continuously it indicate an overcurrent circuit breaker in operation.)

An overview of the wall plate, button, and wire socket assembly is shown in figure 3.


Installation Instructions

The PB01-BWS-1 is normally mounted to the wall (same position as a normal light switch) and a low voltage cable* with at least 4 wires (e.g. CAT-5 cable) can be used to connect the PB01-BWS-01 to the zone controller (ALEC-ZC001). Two of the wires connect to the Normally-Open contacts on the push button switch and the other two wires connect to the LED ring indicator terminals.

  * May require plenum grade cable when run in the plenum space.

As the ZC001 is normally mounted on the ceiling, the installer may need to run the low voltage cable inside the wall and bring it to the ceiling.

Since only low voltage (12VDC) and low current (< 25mA) are used between the PB01-BWS-1 switch and the ZC001, it is not necessary to install the standard wall switch junction box before you can install the PB01-BWS-01. For new installation you could simply drill a 1" diameter hole on the wall partition and mount the wall plate directly onto the wall.

For retro-fit installation you could install the PB01-BWS-1 onto the existing light switch junction box after removing the existing switch and shorting the old switch terminals so that main power can be brought to the ZC001 on the ceiling.

Wiring Instructions

First, connect the wiring socket (B)-Figure 2 to the push button switch (A)-Figure 1. Please Ensure the 4 outer prongs of the switch are inserted correctly to the contact pins on the sockets. Rotate 180º if it is not correctly aligned.(See Figure 4)


  1. Connect: Black wire to Out1 wire on ZC001
  2. Connect: White wire to +12V wire on ZC001
  3. Connect: one of the Green wire to 0V wire on ZC001
  4. Connect: the second Green wire to IN1 wire on ZC001

Please refer to Figure 5 for details.